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Embed empowers users to build their own knowledge base and train various data types, including:

  • URL
  • PDF
  • DOCX
  • TXT
  • Q&A pairs

Domain-specific chatbots can be easily shared on any website with a single line of code. Embed monitors interaction data to evaluate knowledge matching effectiveness, offering retraining options for improvement.

Integrate various chatbots, including OpenAI custom GPTs, through the Embed API for personalized support.



To train a PDF file, click Upload File. Visit our Training documentation for more details.

Training Records

View the outcomes of successful training in the Training Records section.



Interact with your knowledge base directly through our internal chat interface.


Chat Records

Chat records help evaluate the quality of your training data and the matched knowledge. If unsatisfied, retraining is an option.


Share Your Chatbots

Share your chatbots on your official website with a simple iframe.


For more details, see the ChatBots section.


Currently, we support integration exclusively with OpenAI Custom GPTs. For integration guidelines, please refer to the OpenAI Custom GPTs section.

UseCase: Eurostat Explorer📚

Integrates the Eurostat database with OpenAI Custom GPTs, enhancing data accessibility and analysis.

Eurostat Explorer

Eurostat Explorer

UseCase: Virtual Assistant for School Boards Aotearoa NZ⚖ ️

Integrates New Zealand legislation with OpenAI Custom GPTs, offering streamlined legal guidance for educational institutions.

Virtual Assistant for School Boards Aotearoa NZ

Virtual Assistant for School Boards Aotearoa NZ


Embed offers comprehensive tools for creating, integrating, and optimizing chatbots, ensuring they remain valuable user resources. For further information.